Donate A Desk Foundation USA


Every time you give a student the gift of a desk, you do more than improve their educational surroundings. You boost their learning power, fill their hearts with hope and open the door to greater opportunities.

Donate A Desk Foundation USA is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

organization formed in 2014.

We seek to bridge educational gaps by transforming the learning environment in 100 of the world's poorest countries. To achieve this, we have focused our efforts on the development of comfortable seating for students. In so many of the countries we have assisted, we found students were forced to sit on floors, rocks and tires while trying to concentrate on learning. We are doing our part to change that.

Millions of students in Africa and other third world countries spend their days packed into tiny classrooms, sitting on dirt floors for hours at a time. Giving them the most basic tool -- a place to sit, read and write -- could help them achieve a better education and a more promising future. Your support right now will allow us to give deserving students the best possible gift for their education: that is the chance for a deserving students to stay in school.

Join us as we work to make a difference -- One Desk At A Time. We are asking supporters to donate money to cover the costs of building desks for students in the world's poorest countries. Our goal is to raise funds to provide one million hand-built school desks; these desks are built on site in each of the countries designated to receive assistance from our foundation. We believe the donated desks will enable students in underprivileged communities to fully capitalize on their talents and aspirations,

leading to fulfilling careers and responsible citizenship in their countries. Also, your gift makes it possible for Donate A Desk Foundation USA member schools to continue to make the dream of a comfortable seating for education possible.

"When you give, it can make the difference between a student getting a basic education".

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