Donate A Desk Foundation USA

Our Mission Statement:

At Donate A desk Foundation USA, our mission is to provide 1 million desks to school children in 100 of the world's poorest countries. To boost educational surroundings to be an inspiration, a driving force behind the creation of children's learning powers and ambitions.

Our Foundation motto:

"Do all we can to make possible that one day, every student in every nation will have the opportunity to experience comfortable seating while getting their education."

Please be a part of our efforts and make a tax-deductible donation to the Donate A Desk Foundation USA, and pick one or more students up off the ground. This helps pave their way to a better education and a brighter future.

Donate in honor of a loved one and we will send them a thank you package.

A gift of $50 will buy a desk for a student.

$100 buys two desks.

$250 buys five school desks.

A corporate gift of $2,500 will buy fifty desks for a classroom of students.

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