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Michael R. Holland

All children deserve an appropriate classroom. All children deserves the best teachers. All children deserve the best educational experiences.

Dr. Dorothy Leverette, West Bloomfielfd, Mi 

This is an awesome foundation and outstanding project. I am very proud of what you are doing Francois with the children. Keep up the positive direction, I am certain that this will bloom into an awesome, dynamic, and ongoing project. I am cheering for you and the team. God has given you a plan, spear it, the sky is the limit.....Keep up the excellence.

Patricia Carter, Bedford, Ohio

As an American I took it for granted that everyone had desk in school. It saddens my heart to find out that in other countries there are many students sitting on rocks and on the floor to learn. I believe that if everyone give a little a lot will get done. The Donate A Desk Foundation is a true gift from God. Please keep moving forward. Today is the start for me and I am donating $100. Continue to keep God first. God bless your Foundation.

Kimberly Mills 

In today’s Society, we take things for granted such as a desk in school. I cannot imagine sitting on rocks or on the floor in a classroom. I really do admire the passion these students have to continue to get an education regardless of their circumstances. I am so excited to have a chance to make a positive impact with these students by donating to The Donate A Desk Foundation. This outstanding project will continue to motivate and bring hope to these students, our future. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Francois for founding this wonderful movement in supporting students all around the world. May God continue to bless you and this awesome Foundation.

George Family, Monrovia, Liberia

Look this is what's needed from foundation as yours, these children's can be better for society if they have good education and comfortable seating.. Thank you Donate A Desk Foundation USA.. We donated 2 desks in our family name.. 

Skein Jackson, Atlanta Ga.

I don't know of any school in America that students are sitting on the floor for their education. I pray those students around the world that are sitting on tires, rocks etc, become tomorrows leaders... I'm donating a desk to lift one off the floor.. I put my information on the back page if you want to send me updates on your at Donate A Desk Foundation USA.

Estelle Wellbaum, Warsaw, IN

Thanks so much for helping the students. I just donated two desks.

Mel Hearts Detroit, Mi

Growing up in the sixties I had those experience and I'm not shocked to see this exit today in Africa ..all I can do is my part to help ..I am donating one desk, please use it where it is most needed. 

Ruth Bedford Cleveland, Ohio

Wow..this foundation hit the right cause , I have no experience to share as close to seen children so hungry for education and will leave home to sit on floors for hours for education.. We are donating to help your four foundation do more.. Add four desks to where ever it can be useful in the Bedford family name Cleveland Ohio..May God All .. ck here to edit text

Kathy Thompson, Toledo, Ohio

What a noble cause you guys are doing something very wonderful. I am donating two desks in my husband and son names ..may These students get best education sitting in those desks.

                                                                                                Rick Johnson, New York,Ny.

I really do admire the passion these students have to continue to get an education regardless of their circumstances. I am so excited to have a chance to make a positive impact with these students by donating to The Donate A Desk Foundation. one desk 2015.

                                                                                                    Al Smith Washington, DC

Francois, congratulation on such a noble cause , I am donating two desks for Liberian students. Great Foundation.. 

                                                                                                    Chris Clark, New York NY.

Hey Francois I am very proud of your work at Donate A Desk Foundation USA. I am donating a desk in my son name, may all students in need of desk find it through this foundation.

                                                                                           Crystal Wulu, Cleveland, Ohio

Your parents would be proud of the work that you are doing for others. Keep up the great work it will be blessed.

                                                                     Lekisha Bondurant, East Orange, New Jersey

I am excited about being a part of such a great cause that will make a great impact for students around the world. I am so proud of my Uncle Francois for being an advocate for education and some of the students that will benefit from Donated A Desk Foundation, will one day migrate to the united states and other parts of the world. In turn they will be our future doctors, teachers, labor workers, politicians, humanitarians entrepreneurs and much more. Uncle Francois your parents would be so proud of you taking the initiative of continuing advocacy for education. "Education transforms hope into opportunities and a student seated at a desk gives him or her comfort"

                                                                                  Randall Charter, St. Louis, Missouri

I'm a Math Teacher for six graders. I'm glad I found this website. Keep supporting these students and I will continue to donate, Thanks.

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